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IPager is a pager!
Originally it was developed for Fluxbox but can also be used with other WMs.

  • Zoom! When the mouse pointer is over it, desktop image enlarges.
  • Various image zoom effects.

A flexible set of config options makes IPager an integral part of your desktop.
  • Main window transparency.
  • Transparent workspaces icons.
  • Main window background color.
  • Workspace icon: a defined color or transparent.
  • Borders: can be applied to main window and to workspace icons.
  • Switch workspaces: any mouse button upon your choice.
  • You can send a window from one workspace to another
  • Application icons are also supported
A range of various color themes allows you to easily integrate IPager into your desktop.

  • Fluxbox > 0.9.13 or svn-version (rev > 4044).
  • Scons

            $ svn co svn://svn.useperl.ru/svn/projects/ipager/trunk ipager
            $ cd ipager
            $ scons
            $ scons install

Sukhanov Vadim aka 'Light Elf' <vad [at] useperl dot ru>
Shashkin Konstantin aka 'mit3z' <mit3z [at] archlinux [dot] ru> (themes and ideas)
Mathias Gumz aka 'ak|ra' <akira [at] fluxbox [dot] org> http://www.darkshed.net/ (improvements)


Copyright 2005
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